Thursday, June 18, 2020

There for You

When it Matters, We Care
Especially now it is so important to be the healthiest version of oneself to keep your immune system strong...

We made a commitment to be there for kiddies and parents during these times by posting weekly videos to assist parents with their children's wellness and fitness at home during Lockdown - never realising just how long it would be! So we have managed to build quite a collection of videos for home exercise which were posted weekly to our Facebook and also feature on our YouTube Channel.

We also made a series of music videos for the children to enjoy at home which were uploaded to our YouTube Channel.

Catrobatkidz e-Coaching
We offer virtual coaching for individual children or siblings, pre-arranged via online booking.

With many parents now opting to continue with home schooling a lot of children will be learning from home, either alone, or in small groups. Movement with intention is a vital part of the pre-school curriculum and should not be neglected. We will glady come to your home and coach weekly sessions to your child(ren) - we will wear face mask, sanitize, and exercise social distancing. To make an enquiry you can complete the Free Demo Form on our website and one of our Franchisees will make contact with you to answer your questions.

Fee Re-Structuring for 2020
We have informed parents of how we intend to re-structure our fees for children returning to schools and resuming participation. Below is the sample e-mail which was sent out in April - please note that the discounts may vary if there was already a discount in place at the beginning of 2020.

How our Fee Structure Works

Whether you are paying your lessons monthly, or per term, you are paying off an annual fee charged for lessons. The annual fee is divided by 10 if you pay monthly from Feb to Nov, by 4 if you are paying over four terms, and by 3 for ISASA three term schools.

We run on a custom computerised accounting system which has some limitations. We cannot discount specific terms or months, we can only pass a discount on our annual fee, which will then re-calculate the fees you are paying per month or term over the full year. In other words when we pass a discount on our annual fee you will benefit by having the 1st term fee also reduced, so your payment for the first term, after recalculation will result in a credit going towards the 2nd term, and the same principal applies to monthly statements.

Our Fee Re-structuring Plan:

Children will be going back to schools in stages over a period of a few months. Depending on the month your Little One returns to school and resumes Catrobatkidz Lessons with us, we will pass a discount on your annual fee as follows:
May – 20%
June – 30%
July – 40%
August – 50%
September – 60%
October – 70%

If you have paid upfront for the year, we do thank you – with the re-structuring you will be in credit, the amount will depend on when your Little one resumes classes. Please contact your Franchisee at that stage to arrange either for a refund, or for your credit to carry over to 2021

Our health, the health of every child, parent and school staff member is of the highest priority – as and when we resume classes at schools we will adhere to all safety and hygiene regulations and laws as stipulated by the Government, Department of Education and Schools.

In Conclusion:
We are all in this together. Every School, Parent and Child is important to us, and while we negotiate our way through these times, we pledge our commitment to remain flexible and accommodating to meet your individual needs.