Friday, June 7, 2019

This is Why I Love what I do

This is Why I Love what I do:

There is a silence in the Catrobatkidz class!
A strange silence….

Concentration has never been such a serious matter. Seriousness forms his whole face. Eyes trapped in the moment of what he is now going to do. Lips pulled tight together. I can see that he is going to do everything I taught him, and he is going to try his best.
He’s gonna go for it!
He raises his chin, arms flying up in the air, and then there is that silence again as he leaps. Sailing through the air you hear him breathe in as he raises his knees up high. Now for the landing. Perfect… feet stuck to the ground, not a movement…

My hands clap together, what a wonderful jump!
He looks at me, eyes wide with excitement and blurts out, “Teacher I did it!”
My heart swells with pride, and I reply, “Bravo, you are a Catrobat super star!”
What a wonderful moment for this little one standing in front of me, beaming with confidence.

This is why I love teaching, it’s not just something I do, it’s what we achieve during every lesson with every child and the rewards they give back to me.
The way they run up to me with eagerness and enthusiasm when I arrive at a school…shouting out, “Catrobat is here!” asking, “What are we going to do today?"
The way they soak up every experience, and are always ready to explore and master something new each lesson, from the small things to the bigger ones.
The way they grow as little people… and I have the privilege to be a small part of this.

I am Elize, every half an hour Catrobatkidz class is the best half an hour of my day!