Monday, August 12, 2019

With Love from Tayla

To my Catrobats stars- I am a better Coach because I have worked with you. You have taught me that there is more to the school day than academics, checking off the standards, running errands, worries and problems.Through you, I have learned to respect other cultures, to embrace change and difference, and to test my own perspectives on life. Through you, I have learned that teaching and coaching little beings in the real world is much different than how it was portrayed in my manuals and textbooks.

“Adults are just outdated children.”  — Dr. Seuss

Every learner is different, that I know. But with each learner bringing their strengths and challenges to the table, you have so much more to offer. Because of your cultural diversities and your worldly experiences at such a young age, you come from families that have much to share. Along with your strengths, comes wisdom beyond your years. Along with your challenges, comes an opportunity to educate your teachers and coaches about a world beyond our upbringing.

Your are so loved, for all the humor and different perspectives on life you bring to every lesson.

You are so loved for every 30 minutes spent with you gives me so much hope for a beautiful future for me and you.

You are so loved for every somersault you show me true perseverance, for each balancing act you show me practice makes perfect, for each jump, tuck, roll, squat or beat you show me how hard work and dedication gives the best results.

You are so loved for ever dance move, every stretch and every giggle you teach me how it can be the simplest things that bring the biggest happiness.

You are so loved beyond measure for you are uniquely you in every form, shape and colour.

You are so loved for your tiny hearts have the measure.

With tears in my eyes, I can assure you that there are not enough kind words or expressions to accurately portray my admiration for you. You have shown me the meaning of hard work. You have taught me about dedication, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles that human beings shouldn’t be faced with.

My heart beams with pride at the little voices of... "Teacher Tayla- I showed mommy what we did and she high fived me!"

Teacher Tayla- "I can do it ALL by myself! Watch this"

Teacher Tayla- " You the Best and I love you! "

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”  — Charles R. Swindoll, Evangelical Christian pastor

To my students with disabilities and learning challenges, you inspire me daily. You have so much to offer this world. Although you might recently feel like the larger world doesn’t have your back, you need to know that the small community that surrounds you most certainly does. I will never stop tirelessly working for you. You are going to be the most successful version of you that is possible. Your hearts are golden and you are so loved. You show me that absolutely nothing is impossible. You have the biggest hearts and most precious souls and you always suprise me with you willingness to conquer any obstacle.

"Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, make this world a beautiful garden." 

With Love from Tayla - Catrobatkidz Randburg & Sandton